ACE Paintless Dent Repairs - Removal
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What is PDR & how much does it cost

PDR (paintless dent repair) is an onsite process whereby dents and dings are removed without the need for sanding, filling or repainting and preformed by a skilled technician without disturbing or damaging the paint - restoring your car and saving you money and time for a fraction of the cost of traditonal body shop methods.

PDR is a highly skilled craft and metal reshaping art utilizing technologically designed hand tools to remove dings, dents, and hail damage without the need to paint.  Dent removal takes years of training and practice to  truly master.

With special fluorescent lighting sources and with the proper dent tool, the technician will apply pressure to the backside of the dent. The technician very gently and methodically massages the dent from inside the body panel (inside out) until it disappears, leaving the original dented area undetectable.

We don't use dry ice, chemicals, plungers, suction equipment, or other devices that you may have seen. These methods do not achieve positive results and may cause additonal damage!  With Pdr your vehicle's exterior finish and original paint wont be altered due to body fillers (putty), panel swapping, sanding, priming and painting, eliminating the need for paint matching, texture, over spray etc.
With Ace Paintless Dent Repairs, there is no need to have an entire panel refinished and painted because of a small dent or door ding!  Most PDR dings can be removed within an hour or less.  Hail damage 1-2 days compared to 1 to 2 weeks in a Paint & Panel Shop.



Door Dings and Small Dents
- Starting from $75 for one panel with up to three small dents, 10 cent piece size or smaller. Discount for multiple dents.  Repair time 20 minutes to one hour on site.
- Credit card size  $135.00+
- Larger by estimate

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